Are There Benefits To Having A Pay As You Go Cell Phone

There is absolutely no doubt that people who use pay as you go mobile phones have made a decision to do so for their communication needs and not having the overheads of a monthly bill pay phone. If you are one of those people who have decided to subscribe to any carriers monthly post pay option you will inevitably be stuck with that contract for one year and possibly even two years. This all depends on the type of handset you chose at the beginning of your contract.

The problem arises if you wish to cancel a contract as the carrier may have an early termination clause that is specified in the terms and conditions when you sign the contract. The unfortunate thing is that this fee could vary from $ 100-$ 300 or possibly even more. If you are on a family plan and have a fume members of your family signed up to this you simply just multiply this number and this is the kind of early termination fee that you could be presented with.

One of the advantages of having a pre-pay phone is that many carriers will have good offers as they try to attract customers. Not everybody is interested in signing a contract, so this is their way to entice you onto their network as not too many people on this to sign contracts because of the duration and the possible penalties that you may face should you wish to terminate.

Obviously there are some disadvantages to having a pay as you go plan. The airtime minutes that you use will unfortunately cost you more with this type of plan. But, you need to consider when you make the most of your calls. If you are making most of your phone calls in the evening or at weekends this auction might just be absolutely perfect. If however you make a lot of calls during business hours you are going to be pay more per phone call on a prepaid plan compared to a contract post pay plan. It’s always good to check your bills or keep track of your calls to see how much you are actually spending and see which is the best option for you.

One of the great benefits of having a prepaid option is that you can avail of some of the special offers that some carriers will push as bonuses. This could be simple things like on holiday weekends they may offer free text messages they could offer extra airtime if you top-up by a certain date.

Ever plan you decide to choose there are lots of benefits with going for a pay as you go plan but you first most wayup which is the best option for you by simply doing your little bit of research to have a better understanding of when you actually use your phone most.