Four Tips to Take Great Looking Photos With Your Used or Refurbished Cell Phone

When you want great pictures and have a refurbished cell phone, you don’t need to be an expert photographer to get them. There are many admirable photographers who use cell phones to capture whatever image they want. After all, the idea is to capture the image, no matter what tools are used to do that. Here are some helpful photography tips that will make your photos more than just good; they can be wonderfully unbelievable.

Tip 1 – Rule of Thirds

Many times you’ll hear that you need to center your subject in the photo to get a good picture but you don’t need to do this with your cell phone. Rather, use the rule of thirds, which means drawing two imaginary horizontal and vertical lines into the frame of your photo; you’ll have three columns across and three down much like a tic-tac-toe board. Any important elements in the photo such as trees or friends, etc. need to be placed along these four lines or in a place where they intersect. By doing this, you can create a better overall balance visually and it allows you to take a more interesting, alluring photograph.

Tip 2 – Foreground Interest

Have you ever thought about making that boring sunset photo more interesting by having something in its foreground? It doesn’t matter what you choose to center on in the photo’s foreground. When you want to take a landscape photo with your used Blackberry, find an attractive element that you can incorporate into that photo and make it interesting to look at.

Tip 3 – New Perspectives

One of the biggest reasons people enjoy cell phone cameras is that they can be taken anywhere you need to go and you don’t have to worry with clumsy photography gear getting in your way. For that reason, you shouldn’t be afraid to explore different angles and perspectives. When you want to take a picture of your pet at their level, try lying down on the ground to get the picture. If you want to take a photograph of your friends, stand on a rock to get a look down photo.

Tip 4 – Get A Close Up Photo

When it comes to rules, they are intended to be broken and this rule applies to photographs with new, used or refurbished cellular phones. First, don’t be scared to take an up close picture of the people you know; this way you can get every detail of the facial expression. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do a head to toe photo unless you want to. You can, if you desire, crop their head so that the distractions are eliminated and the person looking at the photo will concentrate on the subject’s eyes not their body. This rule can also be applied to landscapes. You can always capture the lakeside sunset or a beautiful mountain range; however, see what other things you can focus on. Get a close up picture of a flower or an insect. Perhaps you can get a picture of the rain on a window.

While there are some limitations with cameras on used cell phone(s), you can still take beautiful looking photos by applying the four mentioned tips. Remember to get new angles and apply simple composition tricks. Once you do that, you’ll notice that the only limitations you have with your cellular phones are the ones you have in your mind.