Government Phones For Low Income Families

Free cell phones for low income families have recently entered the market. With the economy in a recession, people cannot afford their cell phone plans anymore.

A cell phone can really come in handy especially during an emergency. For example, you could be the only witness to a crime and you have to dial 911 for help. You can easily take out your cell phone and call.

For you to get free cell phones for low income families, you have to be making a low income. Generally, if you are already getting food stamps or living in subsidized housing, you probably qualify for a free cell phone as well.

Free cell phones come with a stipulation. The minutes are capped so only a certain amount of minutes are designated as free. If you want to use more minutes then you have to buy them.

Every year you have to show that you are still eligible for free cell phones for low income families. Once your family is not considered as low income then you cannot use the cell phones for free anymore.

To get started with free cell phones for low income families, contact the cellular provider in your state. The free cell phone service may not be available in all states so you have to check your own state.

You would have to be careful of your usage of your free cell phone. Since the minutes are limited each month it is very possible for you to use up all the minutes. You can easily check the number of minutes you have left on your phone to keep track.

You might not have to use up all your free minutes each month. Some services may allow you to roll over the unused minutes into the next month. Check with the carrier for specific details.