The Advantages of Pay As You Go Cell Phone

There are many mobile phones and many phone companies selling them, each with their own way to promote. It comes down to merchandising the phone in the best way possible to the potential buyer thereby making the sale.

Why not consider and try a prepaid service then? Instead of having a mobile phone contract, which binds you to it for a certain period of time and requires a lot of effort and money once you’d like to get out of the offer, get something that gives you the flexibility and freedom you need.

Here’s a suggestion – why not try a prepaid service?

With pay as you go you pay as you go – literally. Only the minutes you use are deducted from that amount and the rest keep on rolling over, leaving the minutes available to you until you really wish to use them, unlike many contractual options.

If you have had or do have debt problems, try getting a mobile phone contract. I tell you now, you will most probably fail. Try getting a pre-paid phone and you will have no problems at all.

There are of course a number of plans available but 2 plans in the US stand out above the other options.

First is the Tracphone, the leading prepaid mobile service in America. The company offers several plans to suit your needs especially when you want to spend less (both applicable for calls and text). High-end phones are offered at an incredibly low rate of $ 14.99. But if you want to keep using the number you currently have, you may use it on your new phone. Minutes can be purchased through telephone or online.

Another is the Net 10 prepaid phones which will only cost customers as low as $ 0.10/minute, regardless on where the call is directed to. The price range for the cell phone itself starts from $ 19.99 to $ 59.99, you may choose from an array of well-known phones. SMS costs $ 0.05 per text. They also offer four different plans, for four different wants and customer needs.

If you want to save more on a cell phone service, then it’s about time to say hi to prepaid! More affordable, less headaches, and definitely a friend to your wallet. But if you want to wait until your current contract ends, then that would be a good move to make, too.