The Pros and Cons of Using GPS Cell Phones To Track Teens

Using a cell phone to track a teenager is widely and readily available to the general public. The technology to do so is in almost every cell phone out in America, all thanks to some requirements instituted by the federal government. This type of GPS tracking has several advantages and disadvantages that parents should consider when deciding what tracking solution works best for them.

GPS Cell Phone Tracking Advantages

Probably the biggest benefits to using a cell phone to track your teen is that they probably already have one. It seems like the vast majority of teens are constantly talking on their phones or texting their friends. The great part about this is that you won’t have to buy another device to use for tracking your teen. This means more money in your pocket to spend on other things.

The fact that most teens have and use a cell phone also provides another benefit – teens have great incentives for keeping their phone on and keeping the battery charged. How will they talk to their friends will a dead cell phone? How are they going to text boys with their cell phone off? The obvious answer is that they won’t and that is good news for parents concerned about their child’s safety or driving habits.

It also means that in most circumstances the cell phone is going to be with your teenager.

Another key benefit to using a cell phone for tracking is that the device is also a phone. If you kid is at a location that you didn’t expect or they are heading toward a strange location you can give them a quick call to see what is happening with them. Or, if their driving is going a little too fast, you could call them to remind them to slow down and obey the posted limits.

Finally, the great part about using a mobile phone to track your teen is that cell phone towers are everywhere. Chances are if the places you go have reception then they are also going to be able to get a fix on your kid’s location – which is exactly what you want to do.

GPS Cell Phone Tracking Disadvantages

Despite being incredibly useful, cell phone tracking does have a few disadvantages that need to be discussed. The greatest of these disadvantages is probably that everyone knows that cell phones can be tracked.

This can come into play in two circumstance. The first is the worst case scenario: you teen gets abducted. Any person seeking to do your teen harm is going to get ride of their cell phone right off the bat. This means that your only means of tracking their location is now gone – at exactly the moment you wanted to use it most.

The other problem is that teens themselves will know that their phone can be tracked and will simply turn it off or leave it at a friends house. While this happens you will be “blind” to their whereabouts and they will be able to do whatever it is they wanted to do in secret.

Both of these can be avoided with simple parenting tools, but they are definitely worth mentioning.

And the last disadvantage is that cell phone reception does not extend everywhere. Even though it reaches many, many place, cell phones can lose signal in all sorts of locations. A lost signal means that no information is getting out to you about your teens location.

In the end, whether or not to use your teens cell phone to track them is going to be up to you. Does it fit with your parenting style and your current needs? Will your teen really be safer with it? All these factors come into play when considering GPS cell phone tracking for teens.