United Kingdom is the 2nd largest cell phone market in the world with over 1 billion mobile phone users all over uses different deals apart from latest mobile phone deals of cell phone there are different other deals such as pay as you go in which there is no limitation about a specific cell phone or carrier network.
The deals start with the cheapest cell phone such as Nokia 1800 and go to the basic level of android smart phone such as Samsung Galaxy y and HTC Wildfire. mobile phone deals also covers Smartphone such as iphone and Samsung Galaxy S III and Nokia Lumia 800 in the pay as you go deals. There are no bound or contracts offered in these deals which gives user a flexibility and convenience.
Mobile phone networks that are Vodaphone, O2, orange network, 3 mobile, T-mobile and virgin mobile offers wide variety of pay as you go deals
Following are the mobile phone deals offered network specific
* O2 mobile phone network
It offers deals with 300 free text messages and 500 MB of data connection. Each call per minute is 25 pence while each text message is 12 pence cost. Rewards offered are on registration of the customer over the internet, there is 5% cash back offer on every recharge. After 6 months, it is increased to 10% cash back. O2 customers also get priory offers on buying tickets of any event 2 days before the regular release.
* Vodaphone network
The largest network and provide one of the best uk mobile phone deals with wide variety of deals both in the smartphone and contractual deals as well as the pay as you go mobile phone deals. It offers 100 minutes with 300 text messages and 50 MB of internet in its pay as you go simple package. Internet package covers £1 per 25 MB which can be consumed in a single day. Rewards offered by Vodaphone are points based like on every recharge, it offers wide variety of points thorough which users can get advantages and benefits. The Vodaphone VIP offers advantage to its users to get access to exclusive events like Formula one British Grand Prix and other concerts sponsored by Vodaphone. There are unlimited phone calls and messages to 3 people in your family.
* Orange network
Orange network also offer wide variety of prepaid service i-e pay as you go method as part of the UK mobile phone deals. The starter package contains £2 a day internet package, with 25p or calls and 12p per text message. It also offers other packages and enables you to select 3 best family members and friends and chat for an hour while paying just for a minute. Rewards offered by Orange are by celebrating Orange Wednesday in which cinema tickets, pizza deals are offered. It also provides emergency credit of £2.5 in case of finished credit.
All the network offered wide variety of packages and provide flexibility to consumers making them choose the network according to their plans and willingness.