Where to Find the Best Cell Phone Deals for the Family

Family time and communication are just as important today as they were 100 years ago. As with everything in life, technology and modes of communication have evolved. Today’s technology offers families the opportunity to keep in touch quite easily and quickly.

Cellular phones come in many shapes, sizes and technologies. Features once thought impossible are now easily accessible. Business owners often carry multiple mobile devices to keep up with business, leisure activities and family. Tech-giant Google is getting in on the action by offering a way to combine all of your calling into one convenient number.

Special Offers to Consider

Free Text Messaging: Many of the leading companies offer free unlimited text messaging as a feature. Consider adding it for convenience; especially if you purchase a family cell plan that includes teenagers. The number-one reason most parents pay a large cellular bill is text messaging.

Free Mobile to Mobile: Your family cell plan will likely be purchased from one company. The major companies offer free mobile to mobile within network. Expand your calling potential with a company that offers free mobile to mobile regardless of the network.

Free Activation: Activation charges are often $ 20 or higher per device. Activation fees for a family of four would be $ 80, minimum. This fee cuts into the overall price that may be spent on the total order. Don’t let expensive activation fees deter your decision to purchase cellular service.

Free Cellular Phones: Major cellular companies offer the best deals on the nicest mobile devices. A one to two year contract may even net you a free cell phone. Some family plans offer a two-for-one deal which allows you to pay full price for one mobile device and get a second for free.

Companies that Offer the Best Cell Phone Deals

AT&T, T Mobile, Sprint, Verizon Wireless and Alltel are considered giants in the cellular technology industry. Each company offers something unique to try to win customers. AT&T for example offers family plans that start at a very affordable $ 39.99 per month. Plans include unlimited calling to other AT&T customers, nights and weekends and no roaming. They allow your unused minutes to roll over to the next month.

One of Sprint’s biggest sellers is the Everything Data Family plan. As the name suggests, it offers a bit of everything. Unlimited data includes web surfing, e-mail, BlackBerry Internet, GPS and much more. The plan starts at $ 129.99 per month and includes 2 lines. Additional lines are a very nice $ 19.99 per month. Families looking for a great messaging plan may benefit from Sprint’s $ 99.99 Everything Messaging Family cell plan. The plan offers unlimited text, photo and video messaging.

Verizon Wireless claims to have “America’s Largest Mobile to Mobile Calling Family” because they allow free mobile to mobile regardless of network. Verizon’s family plans start at $ 69.99 for two lines. Each additional feature and line adds to the monthly cost of the service.

Prepaid Cell Phone Deals

People with spotty credit histories or no credit history at all benefit from prepaid plans offered by the major companies. A prepaid cell plan is just that; no monthly commitment, no up-front fees and no credit check. With a prepaid plan your biggest investment is the mobile device itself.

Alltel recently offered free activation with the online purchase of any phone and prepaid plan. Prepaid cell plans often include free texting and other features may be added for a fee. Pay as you go is very convenient for anyone on a budget or those who are unable to qualify for a contract.

Talk Within Your Budget

Teach your family the importance of money by entrusting them with phones that you control. Children and teens don’t often realize they’re sending so many text messages or talking to their friends for so long. Parental controls keep your money within your control.