Why Purchasing No Contract Cell Phones Is Better

Purchasing a cell phone isn’t as simple as purchasing any standalone piece of technology, largely because when buying a mobile phone, you aren’t purchasing a standalone piece of technology. Almost all cell phones come bound to a contract with a cell phone service provider, and indeed sometimes, the company is sought out first before one chooses an actual model, and this is really a fact of modern living that many have had no choice but to abide, however , there is another option: purchase no contract cell phones.

The whole industry of cell phone service is run by an oligopoly composed of only a few companies – chief among them being Verizon and AT&T who are constantly vying against each other, quite savagely at times, for control of the marketplace, leaving consumers distraught between them. Buying no contract cell phones however will give you leverage that no cell phone provider really wants you to have: the ability to choose.

Mobile phones are often only available with service from one particular company, for example Apple’s iPhone will only be available with service from AT&T. But what if AT&T does not give you the service and features that best suit you as a consumer? Like any piece of hardware, a cellular phone is not any good if the service for which is exists is of no use, so selecting the best service provider is an essential decision in purchasing a new cell phone.

Each company features a different range of coverage, which your simple geographic location could easily decide for you if one service provides coverage there while the others do not. However, since most companies possess a wide range of coverage now, the other features – price range, unlimited texting or calling minutes, internet, etc – become the primary focus. However, when deciding on a service provider, consumers often find they have only the options allowed to them in terms of which model of actual phone to purchase.

The benefit of no contract cell phones is that you can buy an unlocked cell phone of any variety you wish, and subscribe to the contract of your choosing. This method is a bit more difficult, in that both steps need to be done separately: first selecting and purchasing the mobile phone that best suits you, and then again selecting and signing up for the service that best suits the needs of you and your phone.

There is also the additional benefit of having the ability to cancel on a contract at the soonest point of convenience – if the need arises that is – and you’ll be no worse off than you were after initially purchasing your cellular phone with no contract. All that needs to be done is to simply find a new service provider and you can continue using the phone that you’re accustomed to with the advantages of your newly chosen service provider.